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How does the laser work?

Estetica has been offering the highest quality, expertise and safety in the field of Light Sheer Duet system by Lumenis laser hair removal treatments since 2001, and has been awarded the Certificate of Quality and Safety, as an authorized partner.

The laser energy is absorbed by the dark hair pigment (for this reason, laser hair removal can only be performed on dark hair), and then it turns into thermal energy (heat), which destroys the hair root irreversibly without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal can be performed on almost all body areas.
Out of concern for the comfort of our clients, we are equipped
with an additional topical skin cooling system, which makes the treatment more comfortable. The laser light beam is absolutely safe and penetrates only 2 mm deep into the skin, therefore it has no effect on the body functioning. Light Sheer Duet is certified for safety and quality by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Laser hair removal with the Light Sheer Duet is:

  • Permanent - thanks to the use of a very high power and long pulse duration diode.
  • Safe - the high safety level of this treatment is guaranteed by the unique cooling system and the VACUUM skin suction system.
  • Fast - the treatment time is significantly reduced thanks to the use of a large laser head.

Light Sheer Duet is the only laser equipped with two working heads:
  • The smaller one for epilating small and hard-to-reach places, equipped with a cooling tip to prevent burns.
  • The larger one for the epilation of large body areas such as legs or back. The big head surface combined with the innovative Vacuum skin suction system allows for very fast, effective and painless epilation.

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Treatment plan

About 20% of hair can be permanently removed during one session hence it is necessary to perform about 5 sessions. This is due to the fact that not all hair grows simultaneously, only some of it is in the growth phase when it reacts to the laser light. The first laser hair removal treatment is usually preceded by a consultation, during which an in-depth interview together with a skin and hair type assessment are carried out, which allows for the correct qualification for the procedure.

Treatment effects

Light Sheer Duet is a guarantee of the highest effectiveness, painlessness 
and the shortest possible duration of the laser treatment. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a quick, permanent and painless method of depilation, to make your dream of smooth skin come true.

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  • pregnancy,
  • photosensitizing drugs (used in the last 2 weeks before the procedure),
  • oral retinoid therapy (treatment completed less than 6 months before the procedure),
  • light hair color,
  • vitiligo, psoriasis,
  • active herpes.

Preparation for the procedure

  • before the first consultation for the laser hair removal treatment, do not shave or remove the hair in the treated area so that its structure and color can be assessed,
  • before the next depilation session, the hair should be shaved,  
  • do not pull the hair out at least 4 weeks before the planned treatment,
  • do not use depilatory creams 1 week before the treatment,
  • no sun exposure for 4 weeks before the treatment,
  • stop using self-tanning creams 1 week before the procedure,
  • stop using creams containing retinol and vitamin C 2 weeks before the procedure,
  • stop using herbs, i.e. St. John's wort, calendula, 2 weeks before the procedure,
  • do not use wax and tweezers for 4 weeks before the procedure,
  • do not use body scrubs for 1 week before the treatment.

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After the procedure

Normal symptoms after the treatment are: redness, burning sensation, warmth and swelling. They may last from several hours to several days.

  • for about a week after the treatment, the treated skin should not be exposed to sunlight,
  • the use of 50 SPF sunscreens is recommended,
  • avoid using scrubs, other exfoliating preparations or self-tanning products for about 2 weeks after the treatment
  • avoid using cosmetic products based on alcohol and other substances that may cause skin irritation, e.g. perfumes, deodorants, soaps immediately after the treatment,
  • use soothing creams in order to minimize possible irritation after the treatment.

We are the first in Europe

In 2002, first in Europe, Estetica became the owner of the D-Light SR device for photorejuvenation, vessels and discoloration removal.

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method was created in 2000 by a Californian dermatologist, Dr. Patric H. Bitter Jr. We also have the latest IPL Lumenis M22 system in our offer. This system uses OPT technology (optimal pulse technology), which ensures greater safety of the procedure and reduces unpleasant sensations while maintaining high effectiveness.


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