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Estetica offers its clients the highest quality, experience and safety in capillary reduction, reducing discoloration and skin photorejuvenation by IPL, and has been awarded the Certificate of Quality and Safety, as an authorized partner.

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method was created in 2000 by a Californian dermatologist, Dr. Patric H. Bitter Jr. We have also added the latest IPL Lumenis M22 system to our offer. The IPL Lumenis M22 uses OPT technology (optimal pulse technology). Its patented sapphire tip improves the treatment’s safety and reduces the unpleasant sensations it might give without compromising its highest efficiency. 

The IPL device, unlike lasers, produces a beam of light waves of different length, which is absorbed by the chromophores in the tissues and transformed into heat. The substances that absorb specific wavelengths (chromophores) include, for example, hemoglobin and melanin. As a result, only the tissues that contain specific chromophores are damaged. 

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Treatment plan

To obtain a satisfactory effect, repeating the treatment 3-5 times at intervals of 3–6 weeks is usually recommended. The final number of treatment sessions depends on the skin’s reaction and its individual regenerative abilities.

Treatment effects

The IPL photorejuvenation treatment comprehensively eliminates all symptoms of skin aging, vascular changes (dilated capillaries, spider veins, hemangiomas, rosacea, tendency to erythema) and all kinds of pigmentation alterations (discoloration, freckles, age spots and sun spots).

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EN Ikona przedstawiająca Contraindications


  • pregnancy,
  • diabetes,
  • epilepsy,
  • albinism, 
  • psoriasis,
  • active herpes,
  • photosensitizing drugs (used in the last 2 weeks before the procedure),
  • oral retinoid therapy (treatment completed less than 6 months before the procedure).

Preparation for the procedure

  • stop using aspirin 3 days before,
  • do not expose your skin to the sun for 4 weeks before the treatment,
  • stop using self-tanning creams 1 week before the procedure,
  • stop using creams containing retinol and vitamin C 2 weeks before the procedure,
  • stop using herbs, i.e. St. John's wort, calendula, 2 weeks before the procedure,
  • do not use body scrubs for 1 week before the treatment.
  • do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.

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After the procedure

The skin may be red and swollen immediately after the treatment. Feel warm and a burning sensation are normal. The skin may remain tender for several hours to several days. 

  • do not drink alcohol for 48 hours,
  • take special care of the hygiene of the treated areas for about 3-5 days,
  • the treated skin should not be exposed to sunlight for about 4 weeks,
  • the use of 50 SPF sunscreens is recommended,
  • avoid using scrubs, other exfoliating preparations or self-tanning products for about 2 weeks after the treatment,
  • avoid cosmetic products based on alcohol and other substances that may cause skin irritation, e.g. perfumes, deodorants, soaps immediately after the treatment,
  • avoid hot baths and saunas for about 2 weeks 

Jako pierwsi w Europie

W 2002 r., jako pierwsza w Europie, Estetica stała się posiadaczem urządzenia do fotoodmładzania, usuwania naczynek i przebarwień IPL D-Light SR.

Metoda IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) została stworzona w 2000 roku przez kalifornijskiego dermatologa, dr Patrica H. Bittera Jr. Obecnie nasza oferta została wzbogacona o najnowszy system IPL Lumenis M22. W platformie tej zastosowano technologię OPT (optimal pulse technology), która zapewnia większe bezpieczeństwa zabiegu i zmniejszenie nieprzyjemnych odczuć pacjenta przy zachowaniu wysokiej efektywności zabiegu.


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